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EGO-T - Type B
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Displaying 1 to 8 (of 8 products) Result Pages:  1 

eGo-T Type B E-Cigs

Probably, the most popular electronic cigarettes on the contemporary market are called eGo e-cigarettes, and especially, eGo-T e-cigs. These e-cigs were constructed on the basis of the previous models of eGo e-cigarettes, but it contains several improvements, which can be crucial for those who are going to choose among the whole number of offers. eGo-T type B electronic cigs are a perfect blend of the proven high quality and innovations.

eGo-T type B electronic cigarettes are extremely popular among the customers due to their doubtless advantages. One of them, which was not present in previous models, is the ability of their battery to be blocked, if necessary, in order to prevent occasional activation of an atomizer, which helps to save energy as well. Besides that, the batteries in eGo-T type B e-cigs are quite economic, too, providing several hours of intensive smoking and recharging in two hours. There are two ways to recharge the battery inside the eGo-T type B e-cigs: through the special USB charging system, or through an all-mains adaptor, which can be found in the special eGo-T type B starter kit or ordered separately.

Being engineered in compliance with the last word of the modern techniques, eGo-T type B ecigarettes are extremely easy to tank and re-tank. Their cartridges have got no filling material inside, for example, cotton, which was used in previous models of eGo ecigs, but its volume is one of the main features, due to which they are so popular. Unlike eGo-T type A ecigarettes, eGo-T type B ones have a cylinder-shaped atomizer, which allows their tank to contain 2 ml of liquid, twice the amount of the eGo-T type A tank. So, this difference in the shape of the atomizer and the volume of the cartridge is the only thing that distinguishes eGo-T type A from eGo-T type B e-cigs.

Regarding the atomizers themselves, they have been modernized in order to provide the customers with a good taste of the vapor, and it was achieved thanks to the dual system of air circulation. This principle of enriching the vapor with fragrance affects its quality in a positive way, and this is another win of the eGo-T type B e-cigarettes.

The lovely design of eGo-T type B e-cigarettes plays for them, and all the lovers of solid shapes can, probably, find nothing better to suit their demands in such a combination of quality and stylish forms.