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EGO-T - Type A
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Displaying 1 to 8 (of 8 products) Result Pages:  1 

eGo-T Type A E-Cigs

eGo-T type A electronic cigarettes are the second generation of the highly popular eGo e-cigs, which have won appreciation with both experienced smokers and amateurs. These e-cigarettes are considered to be extremely powerful and, at the same time, highly economic ones. All these features were gained thanks to the latest developments and considering all the matters of comfort for consumers.

As a basis, eGo-T type A e-cigs have similar construction with other eGo e-cigarettes, but if to compare eGo-T type A ecigs with previous ones, they are simpler and more convenient to use than their predecessors. For instance, these e-cigarettes win a lot due to their powerful atomizers. Unlike the previous models, atomizers of these electronic cigarettes have a special dual system of air circulation. It allows creating a far richer vapor with a strong pleasant fragrance. Another great thing about this model of eGo e-cigarettes is its modern tanking system. They do not use cotton in eGo-T type A electronic cigs, and itís due to this system of atomization, that the vapor gets its stronger taste. It is very easy to re-tank these e-cigs, and even amateurs can do this with no troubles.

Sometimes there comes up the question of difference between eGo-T type A e-cigs and their siblings of eGo-T type B. They are indeed similar in construction, but the main difference is in the fact that the eGo-T type A has a cone-shaped atomizer, while the eGo-T type Bís one is cylinder-shaped. This, basically, explains the difference in the cartridge capacity: eGo-T type A can hold 1.1 ml of nicotine liquid, while eGo-T type B holds 2 ml. This is the only distinctive feature between these two types of eGo-T e-cigs.

The battery used in eGo-T type A e-cigarettes is a powerful one, providing several hundred puffs, and recharging within a couple of hours. Thank to the special USB charging device suitable for eGo-T type A electronic cigs, it is possible to recharge the battery through a computer or a wall adapter, and even use the e-cigarette, while the battery is being recharged. There is another great feature about the battery used in eGo-T type A: it is the possibility to turn the battery on or off depending on the necessity, to save the power and prevent the cigarette from any possible occasional activation.

eGo-T e-cigs are a great choice, probably, the best within the todayís market of electronic cigarettes.