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EGO-C - Type A
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Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 products) Result Pages:  1 

eGo-C Type A E-Cigs

This category is dedicated to eGo-C e-cigarettes that are considered to be among the most qualitative e-cigs on the market. This is a 3rd generation of highly popular e-cigarettes eGo (1st generation) and eGo-T (2nd generation). The main difference of eGo-C e-cigs from other ecigs is that they are much more economical and also simpler to use because of the newest innovative technology that has been used during the creation of that type of ecigs.

While some parts of eGo-C e-cigarette kit are similar to the ones that are included in eGo-T e-cig kit, other parts have experienced serious modifications in order to improve their performance. One of the elements that have been modified is an atomizer. eGo-C type of e-cigarettes has a replaceable atomizer system. This system consists of 3 elements: head, cover and base. So in case the atomizer of eGo-C e-cig is broken, the only thing you need to do is simply to replace the atomizer head and thatís much cheaper, than replacing the whole atomizer. So thanks to the new atomizer system, eGo-C ecigs are now more practical and help you to save money.

Speaking of eGo-C battery, it is absolutely identical to eGo-T battery and has such useful feature as safety protection: short circuit protection and over discharge protection have been improved and overcharging protection has been added in eGo-C and eGo-T models. So, when the battery of eGo-C e-cig is fully charged, the charging process is stopped automatically.

As for the nicotine cartridges that are used in eGo-C ecigarettes, they are similar to eGo-T Type A cartridges and can contain 1 ml of liquid. Together with high capacity battery (1100mAh) that provides about 800 puffs a day, such cartridge makes e-cigs of eGo-C type really long lasting and highly convenient because you wonít need to recharge battery and/or change nicotine tank very often.

At this category you will find starter kits of eGo-C e-cigarettes and also replaceable parts for that type of e-cigs. Due to the highest quality of our products all elements of our ecigs are durable, so there will be no need to replace any parts often. Also thanks to all the innovations that have been implemented in those ecigarettes, all actions you might need to take in order to replace any element of eGo-C ecig are extremely easy to do and donít require any specific knowledge. And even if you have any issues with that, you can always contact us and weíll be happy to assist you.