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EGO-C Type A 1100mAh Starter Kit

When we introduce a particular model, you know for sure that it will be the best around. The EGO-C is no exception. With the success of our previous models, we are carrying this momentum to our latest introduction, which is the EGO-C.


The EGO-C introduces a changeable atomizer head system. Thanks to this development, the process of removing and cleansing of the atomizer becomes far more effortless and quick; as well, its cost efficiency is evident. You may use one special atomizer with each of your favorite liquids or change it every now and then to enjoy the fresh rich taste.


Chargers, Batteries and Cartridges (Type A) of this model is exactly the same as the EGO-T ones.


The Latest eGo C Starter Kit comes complete with:
5pcs EGO-C Disposable Atomizer Head (to 2.5ohm)
5pcs EGO-C Blank Tanking Cartridges  (Similar to EGO-T Type A)
2pcs EGO-C 1100mAh Manual Switch Battery (Similar Operation to EGO-T Battery)
2pcs EGO-C Atomizer Cone
2pcs EGO-C Compatible Atomizer Base
1pcs EGO-C Flat Wall-mounted Adapter (USB) (Similar to EGO-T charger)
1pcs EGO-C Battery Charger (USB) (Similar to EGO-T charger)
1pcs EGO-C English Language Manual

$65.00 $59.99