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Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 products) Result Pages:  1 

Best Cartridges and Cartomizers for MSeries

It is up to e-cig users, whether to get already filled cartridges or refill them by themselves with certain e-liquids they like. Here you may see our offers on MSeries cartridges, which we present in various quantities and modifications, and, what is even more important, at great prices, similar to which you are not likely to encounter in other places.

You can buy blank empty cartridges for your MSeries e-cigs, for example, those for M 201, through M 702, in packs of ten pieces each, at utterly suitable prices, and then fill them with your favourite e-liquid by yourself. Instead, you can offer filled cartridges for the same models of your MSeries e-cigs, in boxes containing five pieces, where you can select the necessary strength of the e-liquid and, of course, the flavor or flavors you would prefer.

Yet, besides the common cartridges, we gladly offer you a milestone in vaping new cartomizers for your MSeries e-cigs. If you have never heard about this advancement, here it is. This is a disposable atomizer combined with a cartridge. It makes your e-cig a 2-pieces item, and after use, such a duet of an atomizer and a cartridge can be easily utilized. This invention makes the process of vaping more intensive in feelings and gives the vapor a clearer taste. Such a hybrid of an atomizer and a cartridge provides better vaping feelings due to the fact that it bears no filling material inside, and this feature excludes any possible strange tastes of the vapor.

In a cartomizer, the vapor gets sated with the pure flavor of the pure e-liquid. Thanks to its construction, an MSeries cartomizer is able to produce a thicker and warmer vapor. At the moment the MSeries cartomizers are available with two flavors: the USA Mix, and Menthol High, in black and brown colours.

Make your choice, select the colour and e-liquid for filling and order MSeries cartridges or cartomizers, and experience new impressions of vaping.