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E-Cigarette – An Excellent Subsitute to Tobacco Cigarettes


Health is one of the things that cannot be denied in this world, especially in the modern pollution infested world that we live in nowadays.  Although one of the contributing factors in the declining health of the inhabitants of our planet these days is the planet itself, one thing can actually be said with the way we human beings live, particularly our choice in activities, what we drink, what we eat, and what we choose to inhale in our bodies.  One particular habit that clearly has been a hotly debated discussion is the habit of smoking tobacco smoke, particularly in the form of cigarettes.  Cigarette smoking has been dubbed as “dangerous” to us, and it is one of the most notorious causes of one of the most horrible and fatal diseases known to man – Lung Cancer.  This disease can be the most painful of all the diseases because it does not immediately kill the individual inflicted, but slowly decreases his or her ability to be immune to diseases, and can also be painful because of the various symptoms it is included with.  The tobacco smoking industry is one of the most profitable industries in the world, and that is why no matter what a lot of people say, they still can’t make a dent out of the industry in such a way to put a stop to its production.  Thankfully, the E cigarette or an electronic cigarette as it is mainly called, is slowly gaining popularity.  What is an E cigarette, or more importantly, what is in an E cigarette that makes it a very valuable tool that has resulted in it being dubbed as the “best tool to combat the tobacco industry”?  Electronic cigarettes, or E-Cigarette for short, is a modern electronic device that was developed as a direct substitute to the tobacco cigarette.  The main draw of the E cigarette is that it doesn’t contain any of the harmful elements of the tobacco cigarette, which makes it a very viable option for people who are looking for the high that a tobacco cigarette can offer without the risk that it gives.

The E-Cigarette is a very interesting tool, because it is mostly made to imitate the experience of smoking a typical tobacco cigarette but carries none of the harmful chemicals that our body inhales when we smoke tobacco varieties of cigarettes.  Generally speaking, an E cigarette produces vapors, which is produced by the three major components of the electronic cigarette for smoking purposes: the body or the shaft, which is the base of an electronic cigarette and serves as the casing for all of the major components and also of the liquid that gets transformed into vapor; the atomizer, which is generally the heart and soul of an electronic cigarette and its primary function is to generate the heat needed for the liquid to be transformed into the vapor that an E cigarette produces; and finally a battery device, which functions as the power source of the electronic gadget and can be charged in any number of ways, the most popular being charged though USB or power plugs through a container stand.  An E cigarette is a very modern device in every sense, especially since it relies mostly on “simulating the experience” that a tobacco cigarette produces.  To understand the concept more, here are some of the disadvantages of tobacco smoking:

  • Tobacco smoking produces health risks.  One thing that electronic cigarettes have is a definite advantage over tobacco cigarettes have is the amount of health risks that inhaling tobacco smoke can produce.  There is a definite high risk that an individual who is caught in a chain smoking habit to have adverse effects on his or her health.  Not only is smoking tobacco cigarettes a potential threat in inflicting an individual with lung disease, but it also has been proven to leave definite immune system deficiencies, something that an E cigarette can completely side-step because it contains neither harmful chemicals nor produces any addicting elements
  • Tobacco smoking can be very addicting.  As previously said, tobacco smoking has been known to be very addictive, especially because of its main component which is nicotine.  This main component is one of the reasons why the tobacco industry has become a multi-billion dollar industry.  The modern E-Cigarette contains no trace of nicotine whatsoever (as an option), although certain varieties can indeed be made to include a flavor that can contain nicotine, less the addicting qualities of the element.
  • Tobacco smoking can be very expensive.  In a typical scenario, an average tobacco cigarette smoker can consume 1-2 packs of cigarettes per day.  While the rate of a cigarette pack may vary from country to country, it is undeniable that in today’s inflated prices, it has become one of the most expensive habits in the world.  Not only that, but since it has been undeniably proven that tobacco smoking results in diseases and sickness, eventually the smoker will be forced to spend on medicine and treatments to counter the negative effects of the habit
  • Tobacco smoking can cause bad breath.  Nicotine is a substance that is usually an acquired taste, and while most people find it to be too repulsive, some people find to be quite soothing and relaxing.  Unfortunately, a lot of people have become quite aware that tobacco smoking can cause bad breath, especially the chain smokers who cannot go through a day without inhaling tobacco smoke
  • Tobacco smoking can be very inconvenient.  Addiction can be a very inconvenient thing, much more so when you are addicted to smoking.  It can be an inconvenience especially if your system has been dependent on the effects of nicotine to have a soothing effect on your nerves, unfortunately due to certain laws that try to suppress smoking in public places, an individual who is addicted will not be able to concentrate if he or she is in need of a quick smoke to calm the nerves.  It also causes a lot of people who are not smokers to inhale “second-hand smoke”, which can definitely be harmful as much as smoking the cigarette themselves.

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