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Anatomy of an Electronic Cigarette

It is often said that nothing in this world is as certain as death.¬† Arguably, human beings were born to eventually die, and this is a fact that we are all dying a little bit every single day.¬† While this may seem a bit morbid and extreme for a lot of people, it is an inescapable fact that all of us need to deal with eventually, which is not to say that we shouldn‚Äôt find ways to enjoy the little time on Earth we have existing and living life to the fullest as much as we can.¬† Unfortunately, as curious and as innovative as we are as human beings, we tend to enjoy ourselves a little too much, and often device useless ways to enjoy ourselves a little more than we need to.¬† Take for example the invention of inhaling smoke, as a way to reach a certain ‚Äúhigh‚ÄĚ that most people are in desperate need of, it certainly is a very popular activity, which is why the tobacco industry is a multi-billion industry that a lot of people are very much invested in.¬† Both consumers and investors in the tobacco industry benefit in their different ways: as an investor in the cigarette and tobacco industry, they get to earn hundreds and thousands of dollars, or perhaps millions, by introducing different products to the market that are very addicting; consumers get to benefit in the industry by gaining access to the addicting habit of inhaling nicotine smoke.¬† While a lot of different industries are trying to tap into the market or niche carved out by the tobacco industry, such as the Caffeine industry, the gum or candy industry, and even the video game industry (as a viable replacement for the addicting qualities of tobacco), no industry has ever come close to even making a dent in the large multi-billion industry created by tobacco until one came along ‚Äď the Electronic Cigarette.

The Electronic Cigarette, sometimes also known as an E cigarette, is a modern device that is primarily invented to replace the everyday cigarette.  It is an electronic device that may or may not look like a modern cigarette and with the primary focus on delivering the authentic feel and experience that smoking a cigarette provides.  One of the key things that make the E cigarette so appealing is the possible health benefits that might be improved as a possible replacement to the traditional tobacco cigarette.  But before we even get into the whole health impact and cultural impact of the E cigarette, we need to ask the most important question of what is an E cigarette?  Essentially, an electronic cigarette was developed in China by a Chinese pharmacist named Hon Lik in the year 2003.  The earliest concepts of an electronic cigarette actually came way before that, back in the early 1960s, but unfortunately the concepts during that period of time were way too complicated and advanced to even build a successful prototype.  Fortunately for us, the technology began to catch on, and the result is the modern electronic gadget that not only is making waves in the tobacco industry, but is also getting a lot of popular reviews and raves from most of its users.  Before we discuss the benefits, we need to learn more about electronic cigarette parts and what actually makes it tick.  Basically speaking, an electronic cigarette is made up of 3 major components:

  • The cartridge.¬† This is essentially the shell of an¬†electronic cigarette.¬† An¬†electronic cigarette basically works by producing vapors of a liquid that successfully imitates that of a tobacco smoke, and the Electronic Cigarette achieves that by means of vapors, usually instilled with certain flavors that make it very enjoyable to the individual using the said device.¬† That being said, the device takes the form of an ordinary cigarette which serves as the container for most of the components needed for the E cigarette to work
  • The atomizer.¬† As previously said, the E cigarette produces vapors to simulate the mere act of ‚Äúsmoking‚ÄĚ that has become such a favorite past-time for most people.¬† While an entire article can be constructed about the addicting properties of tobacco cigarette and its health risks, it is a very popular activity that has definitely become such a staple habit for a lot of different people, regardless of the race and the age.¬† Therefore, an¬†electronic cigarette is successful in this regard, making sure that the produced vapors are as close as they can be to simulated ‚Äútobacco smoke‚ÄĚ and can deliver the same high as the original as intended.¬† The atomizers job is to convert the liquid material inside an¬†electronic cigarette to vapors that can be inhaled by the user, and it does this by primarily heating the liquid until it turns into its gaseous state
  • The power supply.¬† The Electronic Cigarette being an electronic gadget is powered by a small battery pack included in the main shaft of the device.¬† Usually, contains enough juice to last a single session or ‚Äúsmoke‚ÄĚ and can be charged in a variety of ways, USB charging being one of the most viable alternatives.¬† In some cases, also bearing the fact that an¬†electronic cigarette is typically made to look like a basic clone of a tobacco cigarette, the device comes in certain packs or a container that allows the user to recharge the device for future use.


The electronic cigarette¬†in general is a very useful invention that can help our modern society be rid of one of the most addictive and healthy risk bearing habits that was introduced to man ‚Äď tobacco smoking.¬† While there are certain benefits that tobacco smoking was able to introduce, the health risks outweigh the benefits, and it has been generally accepted that tobacco smoking certainly puts the user at a definite risk.¬† It has been previously discussed that death is a very natural thing for us humans, and smoking tobacco will definitely get us there faster.¬† This is the main reason why a lot of people are switching to an¬†electronic cigarette, because it poses a much less health risk that regular tobacco smoking, and at the same time has some advantages when it comes to helping out the environment as well.


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