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Absolute MaxX/ EGO
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Displaying 1 to 10 (of 10 products) Result Pages:  1 

MaxX E-Cigarettes and Accessories at Great Prices

MaxX e-cigarettes are considered to be among the best e-cigs in the todayís market and have a few improvements, which make them distinctive among others. Powerful atomizers of these e-cigs have additional ceramic materials. Their batteries are durable and provide you with a longer and better performance. After all, if you still donít have a MaxX e-cig, you are welcome to try a starter kit, which includes two atomizers, two rechargeable batteries, one USB + Wall charger, ten blank cartridges, and one MaxX cone. However, if you are already a lucky owner of a MaxX e-cig, you are welcome to examine the accessories.

First of all, we are glad to present you several different types of atomizers, and itís up to you to decide, which of them you would choose for your special MaxX e-cig. One of them is a Low Resistance Atomizer, doubtlessly the best low resistance one among the rest of presented on the market; it works at the ideal resistance rate of 1.8 ohm. This is a carefully created product, designed and engineered considering all the latest developments and experience. Another example of the offered MaxX atomizers is an Absolute MaxX MEGA Atomizer with a bigger engine. It is required to be used together with the special MEGA cartridges, which are able to contain more liquid for Absolute MaxX e-cigs. And the third of the offered atomizers is the one, compatible with MaxX 510 and similar models, which promises better performance and more pleasant feelings of vaping your favourite e-cig.

Of course, there is no e-cigarette without a battery. That is why we offer you several kinds of batteries, as well. These are long-lasting batteries, equipped with a button, letting you lock or unlock your battery for better durability and performance, and to avoid occasional activation. We suggest you having an Absolute MaxX/EGO 1100 mAh MEGA Battery at a special pleasing price, or even a greater variant of buying three Absolute MaxX/EGO 1100 mAh Bulk Manual Batts at a discounted price you are not going to find anywhere else.

Besides that, we offer you blank MaxX and MaxX MEGA cartridges in packs of ten and five pieces respectively. MaxX MEGA cartridges can hold 2 ml of liquid and should be used with the corresponding atomizers, as it was mentioned above. And finally, we offer you MaxX Cones in black and steel colors, and at a great price, and a charger (USB + Wall), which is sure to recharge your batteries in 2.5 hours!